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Ricky Chopra International Counsels law firm has a highly competent team of experienced and amongst the best divorce lawyers in Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR. The lawyers at RCIC have sharpened their skills while dealing with the most complex matters related to divorce and matrimonial disputes. RCIC offers reliable and comprehensive legal services pertaining to divorce and matrimonial disputes. Our lawyers will go to length to ensurethat our client’s interests are safeguarded at every stage of their legal matter.

We have the team of best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR and we offer

A wide range of legal services in matters pertaining to divorce and matrimonial disputes under various laws such as Special Marriage Act, 1954; Hindu Marriage Act, 1955; Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961; Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005; The Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956; Indian Succession Act, 1925; Hindu Succession Act, 1956; The Guardians and Wards Act, 1890; The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956 among others.

The various services of the firm enclose extensive scope of law catering to both domestic and international clients across the globe. We offer a wide range of legal services related to divorce & matrimonials which include:

  • Mutual Divorce
  • Contested Divorce
  • Annulment of marriage
  • Child Custody
  • Maintenance
  • Domestic Violence
  • Section 498 A
  • NRI Divorce
  • Mediation and Counselling

The Various Services Amongst Many Other Provided By RCIC :

  • Mutual Consent Divorce/ Contested Divorce : The divorce lawyers at RCIC have very efficiently and prolifically represented clients before courts of different jurisdictions in various matters related to divorce, both mutual and contested. There are different laws of divorce for different religions. RCIC has handled divorce matters under Hindu Marriage Act,1955, Indian Divorce Act,1869 & The Indian Christian Marriage Act,1872 and also under Special Marriage Act,1954, among many others
  •  Maintenance : The divorce lawyers at RCIC have very effectively handled disputes regarding maintenance in divorce proceedings. Maintenance is one of the most important part of the divorce proceedings and can be filed by either spouse who is incapable of supporting itself.
  • NRI Matrimonial Disputes : The divorce lawyers at RCIC have expertise in handling the various matrimonial disputes such as divorce, child custody and other legal proceedings faced by the Indians settled abroad or on a work permit. We understand the complex procedures in handling such matters and hence handle them professionally and resourcefully.
  • Domestic Violence : Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 or DV Act provides legal rights to women against domestic violence, and not only against the husband but also the in-laws. The highly experienced lawyers at RCIC have handled many matters pertaining to domestic violence and have obtained prohibition order for the victims of domestic violence.
  •  Section 498A or Anti-dowry law : Section 498 A of the IPC was enacted to combat the menace of dowry related harassment, injury. This Section aims at penalising the husband and his family whoever treats the woman with cruelty. The team of expert divorce lawyers at RCIC have a vast experience in handling such criminal matters and have very capable and resourcefully handled the criminal proceedings both in the defence as well as the prosecution.
  • Mediation and Counselling : The Supreme Court of India has directed Family Courts in view of section 9 of the Family Court Act to make all possible efforts to settle matrimonial disputes through the process of mediation. The Family Courts should take the help of Counsellors in settling matrimonial disputes during the trial. Keeping in view the directions of the Supreme Court, the lawyers at RCIC have held counselling sessions in family matters before divorce and mutual separation. Under the expert guidance of our lawyers, the parties have settled the pending disputes at the earliest through mediation and out of court settlement.




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