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Civil, Criminal & Commercial Litigation

RCIC has a robust team consisting of highly experienced lawyers to represent clients in complex matters before the courts. The law firm handles all kinds of litigation matters including civil, criminal, corporate, constitutional and intellectual property related litigations for national & international clients. The law firm has a special team to handle white collar crimes consisting of lawyers who retired from the police forces and have indepth knowledge of the area.

Our Counsels appear before all the courts of India including the Supreme Court. High Courts, District and Session courts, Tribunals and Commissions, and have successfully concluded matters pertaining to money laundering, misappropriation of funds, criminal , breach of trust, breach of contract, siphoning off of money, intellectual property infringements, criminal offences, labour disputes, family matters, civil suits for recovery, cheating and fraud, piracy, financial frauds, cyber offences, FEMA, FDI and RBI violations, tax evasion, workplace crimes, embezzlement, data theft etc.

RCIC’s Work Experience In The Litigation Department:

  • Provided legal support to a multinational against a massive banking fraud pertaining to money laundering and siphoning off money in India.
  • Settled a dispute regarding wrongful termination of a whistle blower against a Japan based Fortune 500 company
  • Provided full and extended support to the largest e-commerce company based in UK and India. Assisted in India with their labour disputes, restructuring and downsizing.
  • Defended business organisation and their corporate executives in high positions in matters related to corruption and white-collar crimes.
  • Handled consumer litigations against a prominent infrastructure developer, multinational automotive company before the State Commission and the Apex Consumer Court.
  • Initiated proceedings against one of the largest social media website with respect to click frauds serving in millions of dollars.



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