Investment Law

Investment Law

Ricky Chopra International Counsels has expert lawyersin the field of investment laws who advise our clients on Foreign DirectInvestment (FDI) and compliances with Foreign Exchange Management Act and RBI rules and guidelines.

The law firm assists foreign companies in formulating entry strategies for investment in India and assisting them through government regulations and procedures for setting up their operations in India. Our lawyers have in depth knowledge of international markets and the Foreign Investment Management Act (FEMA), 1999.

The law firm has a robust team of researchers for due diligence on target company for investment purposes. The firm provides legal opinions on aspects of investments by parentĀ companies in target companies and is efficient to draft all the legal documents.

The law firm of RCIC helps our clients in setting up wholly owned subsidiaries, joint ventures and provides all kinds of litigation support in investment related disputes for e.g. siphoning of money, money laundering, breach of trust etc.



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