Labour & Employment Law

Labour & Employment Law

The law firm of Ricky Chopra International Counsels has a dedicated department to handle labour and employment matters. Our Employment & Labour law services are of great importance for the companies.

The Employment and labour law are majorly governed by the Constitution of India, Indian Contract Act, Industrial Disputes Act, Payment of Wages Act and many more.

The services provided by the firm in the field of labour and employment laws are:

  • Drafting and reviewing of employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, appointment letters and other such documents
  • Advisory on termination of employees, labour and employment issues, disciplinary proceedings, employees and labour rights, sexual harassment at workplace, Employee Provident Fund (EPF), Gratuity strikes and lockouts and compliances as per relevant and applicable laws
  • Litigation practices pertaining to employee compensations and claims, labour disputes, breach of contract etc.
  • Termination of employment contracts and agreements
  • Representation of companies in tribunals and courts in case of disputes between employees and employer.

Work Experience :

  • Settled a dispute regarding wrongful termination of a whistle blower against a Japan based Fortune 500 company
  • Provided full and extended support to the largest e-commerce company based in UK and India. Assisted in India with their labour disputes, restructuring and downsizing.
  • Handled matters before Labour Courts for multinational companies with respect to their labour disputes.



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