Sr. Counsel & Head - Disputes Resolution

Deepak Vohra is enrolled  with Bar in the Year 2001, and being adequately experienced in varied realms of law with expertise in its constitutional and writ jurisdiction, civil, contractual, commercial and criminal sphere.Regularly appearing before High Courts and District Courts. At High Court, I have, Drafted, appeared in and contested :Writ Petitions, counter/reply affidavits etc pertaining to varied fields of law including State Administration, Educational Institutes, Land Acquisition, Electricity, Vires, Public Interest Litigations.Litigations pertaining to property, claims, recovery, damages, injunction, partition, possession, Execution Petitions, Commercial suits.Petitions envisaged under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.

Criminal Appeals against convictions, Leave petitions against Acquittal, Criminal Writs, Criminal revisions and Criminal Miscellaneous Petitions under section 482 Cr PC. Besides conducting criminal prosecutions and trials before various hierarchies of criminal courts. Having number of reported judgments/citations.