Chairman & Chief Counsel
Brief info

Mr. Ricky Chopra is an experienced corporate litigator & a transactional disputes resolution expert. He is Highly active in the area of International Trade and Anti-dumping laws. His support is often sought by international clients including Fortune 500s and large alternate investment funds at the time of structuring of complex legal contracts & during negotiations in order to address the negative legal impact or potential damage during any future face-off with the other party. He has served as Arguing Counsel to multinational corporate giants & Indian companies either in defence or in prosecution of criminal & civil charges. As arguing Counsel, Mr. Chopra has prevailed in matters involving multi-million dollar frauds & disputes. He has successfully argued cases for multinational clients in private equity & other SEBI regulated funds, IT, Medical devices, Electronics, automotive, infrastructure, pharmaceutical, sporting goods, and Oil & Gas.

Mr. Chopra has been awarded as the white Collar Crimes lawyer in India by Corporate INTL. His practice also includes representing large corporations before the High Courts in the matters of Foreign Direct Investment(FDI), Take-overs, Divestitures, and Mergers & Acquisitions. Mr. Chopra has extensive background in working in New York, on many matters closely with the largest law firms of US. Mr. Chopra’s global work experience gives him widespread understanding of the international business markets including private equity and new-age corporations.